hudway cast - product overview (featured image)

HUDWAY Cast Portable Head-Up Display

If there was ever a futuristic-looking Kickstarter project, it's the Hudway Cast. It looks like something out of the movies. Read on for more details.

Luna Display by Astro – Portable Wireless Display

Luna Display connects to the app installed on your iPad, using the Wi-Fi network, and allows you to use the tablet as your secondary screen. Check it out.
CrossHelmet - featured image

What Do We Think About CrossHelmet – The Smart Motorcycle Helmet

Find out why we decided to take a closer look at one of the currently most interesting Kickstarter projects – the CrossHelmet.


Mountaineering and Ice Climbing Equipment - featured image

Everything You Need for Safe Mountaineering and Ice Climbing

Adventurists love ice climbing because it’s quite a healthy activity, especially if you’re somewhat of an adrenaline addict.However, some people never went ice climbing...
beginners guide to stand up paddle boarding

Important Tips for Stand-Up Paddle Boarding Beginners

Stand up paddle boarding looks easy – that’s what everyone thinks until they actually try it. We decided to make a guide and cover SUP basics for beginners.
hammock camping safety tips

7 Tips for Comfortable Hammock Camping – Safety First

During the last few years, we have noticed a surge in popularity when it comes to camping. Plenty of people are starting to notice...

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