Are you sick and tired of your USB charging cable breaking and losing contact all the time?

Do you struggle to find a USB cable that you can rely on and use with ease?

If the answer to these two questions is yes, you should definitely consider getting a magnetic charging cable that’s much more durable and easier to use. With that said, you still need to make the best possible choice because many manufacturers are selling cheap and low-quality products. Read our magnetic charger cable reviews and pick your favorite today.

Best Magnetic Charging Cables

1. Wsken Mini 2 Micro USBEditor’s Choice

When you are looking for a good and durable magnetic charging cable for your mobile device, Wsken Mini 2 Micro USB is the best choice there is.

This magnetic cable is compatible with almost any mobile device, and USB 2.0 connection will provide a fast data transmission whenever it is necessary.

Also, you will increase significantly faster the charging of your phone with this magnetic USB cable. If you are using Apple devices or Android, this cable can transport 2,4A and 3A currents.

The good thing about this magnetic charging cable is that it is customized for people who tend to spend a lot of time driving their cars. It is easily removable with one hand, and since it is a magnetic cord, the connection is easily obtained. That is also good for the durability of the cable itself. The magnetism ensures that there are no abrasions when it comes to connecting.

different types of Wsken Mini 2

The most interesting thing about mini 2 micro USB cable is the LED indicator. It tells if your phone is charging or not once you plug it in. From the moment of plugging in, the indicator turns on, and you are ready to go.

You can change the connector head and the lighting. It is also possible to use this magnetic charging cable for IOS devices as well.

No matter which device you are using, Wsken Mini 2 Micro USB charging cable is the best magnetic USB cable out there.

If fast charging and USB connection are of any importance to you and you tend to spend a lot of time in your car, this cable is the product that will match all your needs in no time. The best part about this magnetic cable is that it is very cheap and comes with one year warranty.

  • Fast charging
  • Customized for people who drive
  • QR code
  • LED indicator
  • USB 2.0 connection for data transferring
  • Warranty
  • Strong compatibility features
  • Durability
  • Good performance
  • The cable tends to lose its ability of fast charging after a while
magnetic cable Wsken Mini 2

2. Smart and Cool Gen3 Nylon Braided Super Magnetic Micro USB Charging

If you are looking for a perfect magnetic USB charger cable, Smart&Cool Gen3 Super Magnetic charging will be your life saver.

It is an outstandingly and brilliantly designed charger cord with many useful features that were meant to make your charging experience a walk in the park. Not only that it will save your battery from any damage but, you can monitor the charging process via the tracker.

One of the great features is a smart device detection. It will help you to identify your phone or any other device from the second it got connected and instantly start charging the device in the fastest manner possible.

These modern gadgets were all customized for the people who tend to drive a lot.

image of Smart and Cool Gen3 Nylon Micro USBIn a world of today, many people spend a lot of time in their cars and this charger cable was customized so that it can be easily used with just one hand. This is where the fact that it is magnetic comes into play. Due to this magnetism, it is possible to easily connect and disconnect your device.

One of the greatest benefits of this USB charger cord is the fact that you do not need to plug it in. This can significantly extend the life of its USB port.

The wire itself was made of nylon, and that should ensure it lasts longer than the rubber ones. The quality of this cable is high, and it will work perfectly, guaranteed.

The unique addition to all these useful features are the LED lights. They can show if your mobile device is charging or not, which is really helpful.

There are some cases when different devices just do not work with different types of cables. Since this one has a smart device detection, you should not experience these issues at all.

  • USB data transfer
  • Fast charging
  • Smart device detection
  • Led lights
  • Compatible with other devices
  • Modern design
  • Wire is made of nylon
  • Durability
  • Charging time increases over time
image of Smart and Cool Gen3 Nylon Braided Super Magnetic Micro USB Charging

3. HKW Magnetic Micro USB Charging Cable

HKW has always been known for the high quality of their cables for years back. They are producing only the highest quality cables because they tend to use good materials that can guarantee the durability of their products.

Usually, they use braided nylon that provides enough flexibility which ensures that the cables last much longer. Their magnetic micro USB charging cable will make the connection much easier. With just a simple click, your phone is connected with the cable and the charging can begin.

The connector is magnetic, so it will gently slip in once you bring it close to the charging port. The USB data transmission works with the speed of light, and the same goes for the charging speed.

This is one of the best magnetic USB cables on the market, and it will charge your phone with the 2,4A current.

image of HKW Magnetic MicroUSB

The price is sweet as well. For less than 20 bucks, this wonder of a cable can be all yours. No matter what you want to charge, your phone, some other mobile device or you just want the connection with your computer; this magnetic cable will not leave you disappointed.

It also comes with the LED indicator so that you can know at all times if your device is charging and is connected securely.

It is perfect for drivers too since the magnetic connection makes it easy to disconnect. There is no need to plug it in, just slide it in, and the magnetism will do the rest.

Whether you are in for the rapid charge of your phone battery or you just want a good data transferring speed, this flexible and durable cable will exceed your expectations for sure. In the world of today where technology is everything, a good charging cable is considered almost a luxury.

  • Easy to remove
  • LED indicator
  • Durable and flexible material
  • Good and affordable price for every pocket
  • Reversible computer connecting
  • Fast charging
  • USB data transfer
  • Poor design
  • Slow charging issues
image of HWK Magnetic Micro USB Charging Cable

4. Coolko Magnetic USB Quick Charge Adapter

For all those who are looking for the fastest magnetic iPhone charger or adapter, you can put an end to your search because the ultimate solution is right before your eyes.

Nothing can beat the one and only Coolko magnetic USB charging cable with the quickest USB data transmission that you can imagine.

If you are talking about speeding up your charging time, this cable will just do the trick. This adapter will allow you to charge your phone and sync data with your computer at the same time.

With this amazing magnetic USB adapter, you will never have to think about abrasions or any other issues. It can perfectly fit in any case and is so strong that it can withstand any storage or the repeated unplugging. It is also compatible with any iPhone case or Android device.

image of Coolko Magnetic USB adapter

The magnetic connection will make it much easier when it comes to connecting and disconnecting. This means that this adapter will last much longer. With this cable, you will have numerous options what you can do. Just connect your phone to your computer or any other mobile device, and you are good to go.

This USB magnetic adapter is just perfect for carrying because of its size. It is a perfect little portable gadget that will always come in handy when you need it. Both the cable and the ports are protected from any damage due to the strong magnetic connection.

Just slip it in and charge your phone with no problems whenever you want. When it comes to the perfect solution considering the charging cables and adapters, Coolko magnetic USB quick charge adapter should be your number one option.

On top of everything, both cable ends are additionally reinforced to ensure that the cable does not fray from the frequent use.

  • High-quality cable material
  • Easy to connect and disconnect
  • Fast charging and simultaneous data transfer
  • Reinforced ends that protect the cable from any damage
  • USB data transfer
  • Braided material for the additional protection
  • Cable tends to charge more slowly over time
  • Very small design
Coolko magnetic USB charging cable

5. SOJITEK Genuine Detachable Magnetic Charging Charger

Even though that you can’t charge your phone fast or transfer your data with this charger cable, SOJITEK can still be of an excellent use to you. It is a cable that was intended for just one thing, charging of your phone battery. It is not fast but, it does have some advantages.

The magnetic cable has Apple lighting tip, and most importantly, it supports Type C mobile devices which many other cables do not.

The Apple lighting tip can be used with any other micro USB magnetic connector but, to do this, you will need the specialized tips since they are not included in the package.

One important note, when you want to remove this cable, you need to pull it out sideways instead of straight out. This is because the magnet itself is really sturdy and reliable. It provides the current of 2A and is not so convenient for fast charging but, it will charge your battery for sure.

image of SOJITEK Genuine Detachable Charger

There is an issue that can occur, depending on what kind of a device you use. This charger has a unique shape, and therefore, it is not compatible with some phone cases.

The connecting detachable tip has a round shape, and because of its design, it sometimes cannot fit into some of the certain phone cases.

Other than this issue and the fact that it was not intended for data transmission and fast phone charging, this detachable magnetic charger is flawless. It is a strong and reinforced cable that is easily removable and offers the standard charging speed of 2A.

If you decide to purchase this charger, you will get Apple lighting adapter and magnetic charging cable. For Type C connection, additional tips must be obtained.

  • Strong structure
  • Apple lighting
  • Type C compatibility
  • Powerful magnet connection
  • Easily detachable
  • 2A charging speed
  • Extremely durable
  • The package includes Apple lighting and magnetic charging cable
  • Unique round shape design
  • No suitable for fast charging
  • No USB data transfer
  • Not compatible with every phone case
  • No LED indicator
SOJITEK Genuine Detachable Magnetic Charging Charger
For iPhone:
For Android:

6. Magnetic Charging Cable Mushan Braided Micro USB Cable

If your thing is fast charging of your phone battery while syncing your data via USB connection, you are in for something extraordinary. Mushan braided micro USB cable is just the thing you are looking for. It was designed in such a way that it protects its charging port from any possible damage.

This is due to the magnetic connection ability. It preserves the cable and the port from any abrasions that could occur from connecting and disconnecting. The cable is effective only if its USB port works correctly, so it is essential that you keep it functional.

Since this is the best magnetic USB cable, it is perfectly compatible with any mobile device, smartphone or Android, including tablets. The magnetic cable allows you to just gently slide the connector in instead of inserting it.

image of Mushan Magnetic Charging Cable

This is just perfect for people who tend to use their phones while they drive. They can easily disconnect their phones with one hand while maintaining their eyes on the road which is very important.

This cable is also multifunctional. It provides the 2,4A current and is just perfect in those situations when you need to charge your phone fast or find it in the dark. Since it was made of the braided material, this cable is very durable and has some additional reinforcements on both ends.

This ensures its flawless performance and durability. The wire was woven with nylon fabric for more flexibility. That is why this charger is one of the most wanted ones on the market and more and more people are buying this product because of its longevity.

If you frequently clean the magnetic end and keep it away from anything iron, this cable should work correctly and flawlessly for a extended period for sure.

  • Extremely durable
  • Multifunctional cable
  • Compatibility with almost all mobile devices
  • High-quality material
  • Additional reinforcements
  • Detachable and reversible design
  • Magnetism keeps the charging port from any damage
  • Some of the charging pins in the connector tend to be too short
Mushan magnetic cable

7. NETDOT 2nd Generation Magnetic Lighting Cable

Now here is the real game changer in the world of magnetic charging cables. NETDOT put their minds to it to come up with something entirely new and innovating when everyone thought that it could not get any better than it already was.

Their 2nd generation magnetic lighting cable is something else completely. They have managed to speed the charging time of the phone up by 30%, and the magnet is so strong that you will never have to think about proper connecting to the charger port ever again.

This is the upgraded version of their previous cable, and it guarantees the fastest charging and data syncing that you can expect. There is just one downside to this cable, it has no LED light, but you will be able to sync it with almost any Apple mobile device out there.

image of NetDot 2nd Generation Lightning Cable

The charging 2,1A output is really fast, and it will charge your phone faster than any other product in the market, for sure.

This cable has every feature like any other magnetic lighting cable except that this one was made only and solely for Apple devices. The price is pretty much affordable, and you can get two magnetic cables in one pack for the price of one which is nice.

The charging is very stable, and you can rest assured that your battery will be full and up and run in no time.

Since the magnet is very strong, you will be able to detach it from the connector really quickly and with just one hand.

This could be very helpful if you need to take your phone while you are driving your car or a bike. There is no reason to insert the charging port, just gently slide it in, and the magnet will take care of the rest.

  • Real fast charging speed
  • Data sync
  • 2.1A high output
  • Durable cable
  • Quality material and reinforcements
  • Up to 30% sped up charging time
  • Compatible only with Apple devices
  • No LED lights
  • Not suitable for other phone cases
  • Non-compatibility with iPhone7 plus
NETDOT 2nd Generation

Best Magnetic Charging Cable – Buying Guide

What is a magnetic phone charger?

In the technological world, there are always some new things being made for an easier life. Whenever somebody thinks about what is bad on the phones and laptops, they usually think about two things, the bad battery, and the bad phone charger cables.

Today we will be explaining what the magnetic phone charger cables are, as they are one of the ease-of-life products that have now become highly popular.

The magnetic phone charger cables are re-enforced cables that firstly provide a better insulation in most cases, and secondly, they provide a cable that has a magnetic tip that sticks better to the phone charging USB slot.

While most of the times these places get damaged, the magnetic phone charger provides a safer way to recharge your phone as they will just stick to the phone and not wiggle themselves out for any reason.

If you are looking for a better more advanced way to charge your phone with a better user experience than we recommend you give the magnetic phone charger a test. You just might be pleasantly surprised as much as we have been. There is just one more thing you should remember, and that is to buy two in advance as you should always have one for the road and one for use at home.

using a charger in the car

Why do you need this charging cable?

Charging your phone today is a tedious task. Usually, people who use their phone all the time have to charge it at least two times a day and sometimes even more.

If you are not a fan of taking additional batteries around with you, then you have to have a good charging cable that will at least provide you with a more user-friendly experience.

The more you have to charge your phone the faster your USB entrance of that charging cable will wear itself out, and pretty soon you will take your phone to the service guy. However, if you want to deal with this in a smarter way than you might be on the market for a magnetic charging cable.

If you are not sure how this can benefit you, well let us tell you a few simple reasons. Once you stick the magnetic charging add-on inside your phone, it can remain there without it interfering with your phone experience, and every time you need to charge your phone it will be easier to connect it.

Next, you don’t have to worry about the constant connection from the charger to your phone as it won’t break or loosen up your USB socket. Last but not least it just looks slicker.

The technological advancements are going at a fast pace today, and we believe that magnetic charging cables will soon be the norm, as they provide a much user-friendlier experience and are quite useful when it comes to charging your phone without the potential chance to break something.

What do you look for when choosing the best product?

Choosing the best product today could be a bigger task than you might think. In the past, there were not that many products to choose from, so most of the products that were made either worked perfectly or they did not work at all.

Now, if it worked, then that product usually had a long lifespan and was made from high-quality materials, but if it did not work, then you wasted your hard-earned money. However, today we have tons of products that are readily available at a different price range so everyone can get what they want at the cost they can afford.

While it is good that there are more products to choose from, that is also the reason why it’s hard to choose the best product on the market. Usually, the most expensive product is not the best on the market, it’s just the newest, so let us get into detail on understanding which USB cables are the best and how exactly should you decide which one to choose.

benefits of magnetic charging cables

Know the brands and models

Knowing the competition is half the battle won when you have to research which brand is the best. Whenever the leaders produce something, soon enough the others in the same product business will produce the same thing with a cheaper price tag on it. We understand that the quality might be different, but that is why we have to be vigilant in the research to not be fooled that the best price will give you the best product because usually, it won’t.

Know who the product was designed for

There are many types of USB cables, but only two types of users, the casual and professional users. If the product is designed for casual users than that product will have fewer features will be less compatible with other things and usually has a lower shelf life. The professional is a bit more expensive and can usually do more things and will last longer. Also, if you care about the design, the casual one will be simpler and usually without a long cable.

Know the USB types

There are 3 types of USB cables. USB-A, USB-B, USB-C and additional two sub groups which are the Micro USB, and the Mini USB.

Type-A is the most commonly used USB connection. The USB-A is on the one side, and then the other side can be practically any other USB entrance. For instance, for mobile phones, the most common one paired with the USB-A connector is the Micro USB and the Mini USB.

Type-B is like a square entrance connector and besides it being used on printers, cameras, and other things that connect to a computer you won’t find this USB used on many other devices.

Type-C is a USB cable that has the same top and bottom sides, meaning its reversible. The cable has a higher transfer rate and is more powerful than the former two types of USB cables. Most present in the use of apples phones and tablets, but can also be seen on the technological market increasing its presence in more and more products.

Mini-USB used to be the most commonly used USB for mobile devices. It’s smaller than the regular USB-A and can still be found today on cameras, mp3 players and similar items that have not switched to Micro USB.
Micro-USB is the most commonly used USB cable and is the current standard for most mobile devices on the market. Every tech manufacturer has started using this as their standard USB on almost all devices. Apple products are the only exception.

phone on magnetic charger

What about the USB-3

There is also one more USB connector that is becoming the new standard for USB classes. It has the same USB-A type connection and offers a faster transfer rate for all information. Even though it looks the same as USB-2 and is backward compatible, the transfer rates are much higher on the USB-3.

Which USB cable should you avoid

There is one type of USB cable that should be prevented as it won’t do what users think it will. The USB-A – to USB-A connector is dropped out of the standard cables and should not be used in any circumstance. People usually believe that they can connect two computers if they use this kind of cable, which is completely wrong. Not only wrong in the sense that it won’t work, but also because it might start a short circuit fire which should be avoidable if you don’t want to cause damage to your computer.

Which USB cable would we recommend?

When picking up a USB cable for your phone, we would recommend the Wsken 2 Mini USB charger. This amazing cable has an excellent quality build that will last you for a long time. Additionally, it can replace the manufacturer’s original cables and still improve the performance of charging or data transferring.

Conclusion: Why Wsken Mini 2?

If you take a closer look at all of the reviews we did, you will quickly realize that Wsken Mini 2 magnetic USB charger has the most benefits and provides the fastest phone charging experience.

Our testing was carried out over a couple of months, and this charger proved to be the most reliable and durable. Also, the Wsken Mini 2 offers a number of cool features like the QR code and LED indicator that makes charging much easier.

Of course, the biggest selling point of this model is its charging speed, which is unmatched. The charging speed does die down over time, but it does so very slowly, almost at an undetectable speed. This is a phone charger that is ideal to be used on the road while you are in a car driving.

When you consider the price of this amazing magnetic charging cable, it’s easy to understand why it’s such a popular option for many. With all things considered, this is a product that can come in handy for anyone anywhere, especially if they are traveling or in a hurry to charge their phones. The Wsken Mini 2 magnetic charging cable is the best product of this type on the market today.


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