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These days, we can see that the technology is developing quicker than ever before.

When one saves up enough cash to purchase the latest gadget of his desire, a newer, better, and faster device appears out of nowhere.

That’s why I decided to take a closer look at one of the currently most interesting Kickstarter projects – the CrossHelmet.

It’s a smart helmet that sports an integrated HUD (Heads-Up Display) that provides the rider with a 360-degree field of view, Bluetooth connectivity to his cell phone, and the ambient sound control.

Is it worth the money?

Let’s check it out together!

smart helmet for new riding experience

Story Behind The Idea

The mastermind behind this project is Arata Oono, who is the founder and CEO of the company called Borderless.

He’s a seasoned designer and has spent a lot of time in the motorcycle industry, working on projects such as the Yamaha’s MT-09. He’s also an avid motorcycle rider, and thinks that today’s helmets deserve to be combined with the newest technology.

In his opinion, the helmets should be smart just like our smartphones, which isn’t something hard to achieve in today’s world.

In addition to that, he thinks that the regular helmets are quite poorly designed, as they squeeze the face of the rider and do not offer enough comfort.

Check out product introduction video below.

That’s another thing he plans to change with the CrossHelmet.

Fortunately, the Kickstarter makes it possible for an idea to become a reality, which is exactly why Arata decided to start the campaign and raise some funds. The campaign already collected three times the amount of asked money, and his dream is coming true.

I decided to check out what’s the big deal behind this helmet, so read on and find out everything about its features.


The first thing I want to say is that I don’t want this thing to end up as the Skully AR-1 helmet did.

It was yet another model that was supposed to revolutionize the whole industry of motorcycle helmets, and it was to be developed by the company called Skully Inc.

Even though the firm succeeded in raising over $2,000,000 via their Indiegogo campaign (as well as extra $11,000,000 from the investors), they have managed to, allegedly, blow all that cash away on things like exotic cars and lavish destinations.

This left a sour taste in my mouth, and I have to admit that I’m glad that the Skully Inc. has filed for bankruptcy.

However, Arata Oono seems to be a man with far more discipline, and I believe that this product will get released.

CrossHelmet colors

Image credit: http://www.crosshelmet.com

The most notable feature of this helmet is certainly its rear camera. It allows the rider to see what’s going on behind his back via the transparent lens that’s situated on the frontal part. It covers all 170 degrees of view that are behind your back, eliminating blind spots and providing a lot more peripheral vision than the regular helmets.

This transparent lens that I mentioned is foldable and bifocal and also displays other relevant travel information – like the navigation, time, speed, weather, and the compass direction.

Fortunately, the helmet meets all the necessary standards, like the JIS, ECE, and DOT, and is using a lithium-ceramic battery which cannot spontaneously blow up on the rider.

The helmet comes with an Android/iOS app that allows you to connect the helmet with your smartphone. That will give you access to numerous features, and one of the most interesting ones is the so-called Group Talk.

With it, the rider can connect with the other motorcycle riders in his group, and seamlessly speak with them. This group can also include people who don’t wear the CrossHelmet, but they have a device capable of achieving Bluetooth communication.

cross helmet connectivityImage credit: CrossHelmet.com

Another feature that I really liked here is the presence of the patented noise-control system. It bears the name of CrossSound Control, and can both enhance and reduce the environmental sounds of the rider’s choice.

You can choose these sounds through the Android/iOS application that comes with the helmet. This feature uses an innovative algorithm that can filter out noises like the wind and the engine sound, but at the same time allows sounds like the emergency sirens to come to the rider’s ears.

This technology is quite new to the whole motorcycle industry, and, as far as I know, the only other company that’s using it is SENA. This company is currently developing their Momentum Pro helmet, which will probably be the CrossHelmets biggest rival on the market.

One thing I particularly liked is the presence of touch controls, which remove the need to rely on your voice in order to communicate with the helmet.

These touch controls are situated on the special panel that’s on the right side of the helmet, which is sensitive enough to allow operation even if you’re wearing your biker gloves.

image of cross helmet modern designImage credit: Kickstarter.com

And one more thing – the helmet looks just awesome. It looks like something that just dropped out of a futuristic space movie, with a sleek, seamless design that’s guaranteed to attract the attention of both your friends and the passers-by.

Fortunately, the black color is not the only available one – you will also be able to purchase the CrossHelmet in the smooth silver shade.

The only bad thing here is the price – this device will retail at about $1799, and many won’t be able to afford it. But that’s something I expected from a smart helmet that’s full of tech and that’s guaranteed to change the rules of the game in the motorcycle industry.


As far as I’m concerned, this is the best motorcycle helmet that the money can buy today.

It offers technology that was once unimaginable in helmets and is sure to provide the riders with benefits that will make their rides much more pleasant and safer.

Its price is certain to raise some eyebrows, but for those that want ultimate safety and innovative features while they’re on the road, that won’t be an issue.

For more first-hand information visit CrossHelmet Facebook page.


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