(Last Updated On: April 23, 2019)

During the last few years, we have noticed a surge in popularity when it comes to camping. Plenty of people are starting to notice the beauty of camping, which is why many of them are opting in for a hammock.

There is nothing more relaxing than lounging in a hammock after a long hike, or after a good meal in a forest. It doesn’t matter if you have used a hammock plenty of times, or if you are eager to try it out for the first time – read on, and learn how you can make your camping trip more safe and comfortable.

1. Bug Net for Hammock Camping

This one goes without saying, but we had to mention it because we’ve noticed that many folk disregard the fact that bugs can be a massive annoyance.

If you are using a jungle hammock, you have probably noticed that it has a bug netting sewed on, but if you have a recreational hammock – we suggest that you opt in for a full-length bug net.

You won’t have annoying bugs flying around the face, and your body won’t be covered in bug bites.

2. Sag Your Hammock

We have noticed that plenty of people make the same mistake – they string up their hammock very tight. If you are one of the people who like stringing up a hammock tightly, our advice is to stop doing it. If your hammock doesn’t sag, you could face problems with your shoulders and your back.

Make sure that your hammock looks like smiling lips when you look at it from the sides – this way you will achieve maximum comfort. Besides the comfort, your hammock will be more stable since the center of the gravity is lowered when a hammock sags.

3. Use Padding under Your Knees

There is a possibility when lying diagonally, that you might feel discomfort under your legs. This can lead to problems with your knees, which is why you should relieve the pressure by using padding under your knees.

You can use a small pillow or a piece of clothing.

4. Lay Diagonally

For this tip to be effective, you need a good sag on your hammock. Plenty of people don’t know that hammocks were originally designed for people to lay diagonally on them.

If you lay diagonally on your hammock, your body will be flat across the hammock.

5. Raise the Foot End Higher

It is entirely natural for our bodies to slide down to the middle of the hammock, but this can be uncomfortable.

If you want to prevent this from happening, then hang the foot end of the hammock a few inches higher. You will notice that this helps your torso from sliding to the middle of the hammock.

6. Do Not Hang Your Hammock High

Accidents happen, ropes and hammocks can snap, and you wouldn’t want to be hanging high in the air when that happens. The distance between the ground and your hammock should never be over three feet.

7. Do Not Stack Hammocks

Plenty of people like to stack their hammocks vertically, but we advise against it. If only one person falls, the rest of the folk underneath will get hurt. To avoid serious injury, never stack hammocks vertically.

The Conclusion

Hammock camping is fun, exciting, and good for your health, but you should always be aware of the dangers that lurk.

We hope that you will follow our tips and that you will have fun on your safe camping trip.

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