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Every iPhone loverĀ is constantly thinking about just one thing, which accessories would be the best for their iPhone. This powerful phone gives you so many possibilities when it comes to the equipment that goes with it, and it is entirely normal that each user wants to get the best of it.

must have Iphone accessories

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There are so many possibilities that it is tough to choose from all of them. Whether you want to play some music, take some close up photos or find the best way how to power your phone up, there are some certain accessories that you cannot do without.

Depending on what you want to use your phone for, we wanted to create a list of necessary accessories that will help you have the best experience with your phone. Whether it is a simple charger, additional equipment for music listening or just a simple mask, these accessories are there for an individual reason, and it is up to you to make up your mind about which ones would be the best for you.

Magnetic charger

Whatever you want to do with your iPhone, you will most certainly need a good charger. Almost all mobile devices of today are USB chargeable. A good and fast magnetic charger is crucial for your device. Without it, you cannot use your phone, so it is pretty simple to figure out how important this accessory is. If you like to travel a lot, it is perfect for such occasions.

image of magnetic chargerWith this in mind, you just cannot go wrong if you choose Wsken magnetic charger. It has a LED display, and it comes with the USB cable. This charger is the best and reliable, and it can be synchronized with any USB port. If you are looking for the best balance of size, price, and power, Wsken is the best magnetic charging cable for you, most definitely.

The case

You will want to protect your phone from any possible damage that might occur so a good and highly durable case would seem like a perfect solution. You want to get the best balance between style and functionality so matching the colors of your phone with the case would be the best option. You will also want to maintain the elegant and slim look of your phone, and there are perfect cases which can accentuate the design of your iPhone.

image of: iphone casesHigh-quality cases also provide a grip along the phone edges that will prevent it from slipping out of the case. It will keep your device protected, and if it ever happens that it falls out of your hands, most cases are shock resistant so do not worry about it.

Extendable stick

The Selfie is the most modern thing today. Everyone who has a phone today wants to take a perfect selfie so that they can show the world how much fun they are having at the moment. The Selfie is not only about that, but it is also about friendship and connecting with people. With all this in mind, a good selfie stick is paramount.

extendable selfie stickA good extendable stick will do the trick almost certainly. There are foldable sticks you can even connect to via Bluetooth because that control was already built-in. There are highly durable sticks with many gadgets built in for the best experience. The most important thing is that the stick can be designed to suit your phone the most. It is a pretty simple device that will provide any iPhone user with a lot of fun, and the best thing is, it is so cheap that it is almost free.


Usually, when you go somewhere, you will want to play some music and just relax and enjoy while you travel. It does not matter how long your journey is, a couple of minutes or the whole day, you will want to listen to some music at some point. To do this, you would need some headphones. The quality of your headphones is really important. Since iPhone does not have a headphone jack anymore, Bluetooth headphones are the thing of today.

image of: headphones for iphoneReally good earbuds are more important than ever, and you would want to ask around which ones would be the best for you. Once you find what you are looking for, make sure that you properly charge them and have some fun while listening to your favorite tunes.

Bluetooth earbuds can last for six hours on one charge, and most of them are waterproof just in case the rain catches you. A great thing about most of these headphones is that they are magnetic and you can clip them together around your neck if you do not want to use them at the moment.

Hands-free car kit

Since many people who are also the users of iPhone appear to spend a lot of time in the car, a hands-free car kit would come in handy. No one wants to go through the car crash just because they were on their phones at the crucial moment.

Hands-free car kit will allow you to use your phone and answer any calls at the given moment without having to risk your safety and your life. You could say that this is one of the most important accessories that you just cannot do without.

handsfree car kitIf you are getting frequent calls while driving, you might want to consider this car kit because it will make it easier for you. Since the technology is advanced nowadays, you can choose from a wide range of car kits.

You can get a specially designed charger that you can plug into your cigarette lighter in your car. This device will work with any USB port, and it also supports Bluetooth. You can now answer your calls, listen to some music while charging your phone and all this with just one single accessory. To install it is more than simple and the best part about it is that it is cheap.

Camera Kit

Since iPhones advanced through time, more and more people are using these phones for taking pictures. The camera on the phone alone is really good but, for perfect results, you will need a specialized camera kit that includes core lens set. If you are into photography and you are a user of iPhone, you will not need a camera ever again because this camera kit will do the job perfectly.

iphone camera kitSince iPhone itself is a really powerful device, you will want to add some extra capabilities to it. Well, a good camera kit would be the next best evolutionary step. With the additional lenses, you will be able to take some of the most breathtaking pictures that you can imagine.

For a fair price, lens set can be available to every iPhone user in the world. With many useful features like the fisheye and the super wide lens, you will able to to get the best image clarity that you could ever expect, and it is more than easy to mount this kit on your phone. The best part is that you do not need any app or extra setup for it.

Bluetooth speaker

Here is the latest hit that every iPhone user is looking for. Why listen to your favorite music all by yourself when you can share it with the room full of people. If you are going to a barbecue or camping in the woods, you can get a really good Bluetooth speaker that will provide you with the high-quality sound and make you enjoy with your friends like never before. You do not need to take any additional equipment anymore; this speaker is quite enough to make your party go wild in no time.

image of: iphone bluetooth speakerThe best thing about these speakers is the fact that they can last up to 20 hours of full playtime. They are compatible with literally any mobile device, and it comes with the standard audio port. For less than 30$ you will be able to enjoy in the most impressive sound. These speakers exceeded the expectations by far, and a Bluetooth speaker will make a fine addition to your iPhone accessories collection.


So, if you are having a tough time to make up your mind about which accessory would be the best for you and your favorite device, this list of the most useful accessories should make it a lot easier for you to make your decision. Alongside with these gadgets, there are many others that would be really useful as well but, these are the seven most important ones that the users of iPhones are after nowadays. These new powerful phones have many useful features, and with these little gadgets, you will be able to make the best of the whole user experience. After all, these devices are there for that very reason, to make you enjoy.



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