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In times like these, it is important to keep yourself safe with whatever you have on hand.

Whether we’re talking about streaming to Instagram, Facebook Live, or Periscope, people use their smartphones to capture something they’d like to share with the world.

But the primary problem here is the fact that uploading live videos quickly drains the phone’s battery. This is where the new Kickstarter-funded device comes in – and its name is the Shonin Streamcam Wearable Camera.

Built as a wearable camera for security, this device comes with a number of features that will keep you safe while not taking a toll on your phone’s battery.

  • Video – 120° wide angle + HD of Full HD video capture
  • Connectivity – GPS enabled, BT Wi-Fi, Bands B41 / B40 / B38 / B20 / B12 / B8 / B7 / B5 / B4 / B3 / B2 / B1
  • Audio – Speaker for audio feedback, Microphone for audio capture
  • Battery life – Up to 2.5 hours of recording
  • Storage – Expandable via Micro SD Card (8GB card included)
  • Waterproofing – IP67 certified
  • Dimensions – 56 x 56 x 13MM
photo of camera from the side

Product Overview

Just one look at the nightly news is enough to let you know how dangerous a place our world can be. Street harassment is everywhere, there’s an abuse of authority, and the hate crimes are on the increase.

The perpetrators of these unlawful and violent activities often get away free, because it’s their words against yours in the court of law. But having a video proof changes everything.

Thanks to the omnipresence of smartphones, we all saw the cases in which video proofs were enough to put the violent criminals behind the bars. Their act of aggression has been caught on video, and there’s next to nothing that they can do against it.

But, unfortunately, even the newest smartphones have limitations when it comes to these things.

And that’s exactly why we’re so excited about the Shonin Streamcam Wearable Camera.

This simple device can be attached to clothes and then record everything that’s happening around the wearer. It is rugged, waterproof, and compact, and it begins recording with just a simple touch of the hand.

It automatically secures the user’s videos on the cloud, allowing him or her to edit and share them later. In any case, all videos captured with this handy device will be safely protected and available to provide proof whenever you need it.

dimensions of shonin wearable camera

Features of Shonin Wearable Camera

The design of this wearable camera is very likable – the device looks like the Instagram icon, sporting that retro look of the old cameras. This iconic design is supplemented with a nice choice of colors, as the manufacturers promise that they will allow a certain amount of personalization.

You will be able to combine the standard gray color with red, yellow, and pink shades, although I don’t find this to be quite necessary. I think that its original gray look is the best, as it makes the device more hidden and furtive like it’s supposed to be.

The camera sports IP67 waterproof construction, just like the new iPhone models, and offers one-touch recording system and the automatic cloud backup.

The device is available in both the Wi-Fi and the LTE flavors and can record the encrypted video (720p or 1080p) to the 8GB SD card that’s included in the package. The storage is, of course, expandable.

One other thing that can double the device’s shooting time is the clip-on battery pack that’s also available. I would like to note that the designers haven’t yet listed the base battery life, but they’re promising direct streaming to YouTube, Facebook, and other websites.

One of the major downsides here is the fact that the device won’t become available for purchase until the next year – that’s simply the nature of the Kickstarter projects.

But we don’t have to worry about the Streamcam getting canceled – the co-founder of Shonin, Sameer Hasan, was one of the guys behind the Kobu E-reader.

The Kickstarter campaign for this device has already raised over $100,000 of the initial $30,000 that the developers asked for. The team promises to add image stabilization feature if they hit $150,000.

image of Shonin Streamcam

The early-bird pledging tiers are closed now, but the developers promise the Wi-Fi model with a pledge of $170, while the cellular version will be sold at around $200.

The final delivery is to take place in February 2018.

The Accessories

Like I already mentioned, you will be able to purchase the Streamcam along with some accessories.

  • The magnetic clip – this will allow you attach the Streamcam to your clothes without damaging them. You simply have to place the device on one side of your jacket or t-shirt, and the magnetic clip on the other. The clip is self-centering.
  • The standard clip – the standard clip easily snaps onto the camera and can be easily clipped to any kind of clothes. You will be able to use it both vertically and horizontally.
  • The extra battery pack – this accessory is used similarly to the already mentioned magnetic clip. You just have to snap it to the camera’s back side, and it doubles the device’s battery life. This can come in very handy in certain situations – if you’re, for example, at a place that doesn’t have the power source nearby.


In my opinion, this is something absolutely worth funding.

We’ve all seen so many cases where the violent people ended up behind the bars just because they could do nothing against the video proofs of their aggressive behavior.

The Streamcam does this much better than your average smartphone – it is smaller and more concealed, and it uploads the video directly to the cloud, preventing the aggressor from breaking the device to destroy the proof of his violence.

Its specifications are pretty impressive, and I’d also like to give some special praise to its simple yet attractive design.

I can’t wait for the public release!


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