(Last Updated On: April 23, 2019)

We have noticed that stand up paddle boarding is becoming increasingly popular as the time goes, which isn’t surprising since this sport has plenty of health benefits.

People of Hawaii have known the benefits of paddle boarding for a long time – they have used it as means of keeping fit when the waves aren’t optimal for surfing.

Stand up paddle boarding is easy to do, and the health benefits are tremendous – it is a perfect sport for anyone looking to increase their fitness level or anyone who wants to enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

Continue reading, and you will find out why this fun and exciting sport is becoming the number one outdoor sporting activity.

1. Core Benefits

SUP exercises almost every muscle in your body, which makes it a great core workout. A big part of stand up paddle boarding is balance, which is why the strength and agility of your legs will be put to the test. Besides your legs, your core back and abdominal muscles will also be put to work on maintaining balance on the board.

Also, this sport works your arms, back, and shoulders.

We covered SUP basics to equip you for a learning process. Make sure to check it out if you consider yourself a beginner.

2. Intense Workout

Stand up paddle boarding can be pretty intense. Your muscles and your agility are put to the test. The intensity of the test depends on the body of water you are traversing.

If you are paddling through calm waters, you won’t experience the same intensity you would if you were paddling in an ocean with plenty of waves.

3. Low Impact Exercise

Most of the sports out there put a lot of strain on your body, which can lead to damaged muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Stand up paddle boarding is a very low impact exercise because it doesn’t force you to push your body to the point where it becomes dangerous.

Experienced paddleboarders will tell you that this sport helps you burn your calories without the risk of damaging your joints and muscles. If you are a runner who has problems with hips or knees, you will be glad to know that you can exercise successfully with a stand-up paddle board.

4. Yoga

Yoga on a paddleboard might seem like a silly fad, but it is far from it. A paddleboard adds a new element to yoga – balance. Yes, balance is important in “normal” yoga, but doing yoga on a paddle board only makes the balance more important.

sup yoga

Experienced yoga practitioners will tell you that even they find SUP yoga challenging. Another important aspect of doing yoga on a board is that you don’t have to do it in a smelly, cramped gym.

Beautiful nature, the sun, and the water make practicing yoga more pleasant and enjoyable.

5. Cardiovascular Benefits

It goes without saying that this sport will improve your cardio. Not only will you burn a lot of calories and lose weight, but you will also decrease the chances of experiencing a heart attack and stroke.

Obesity is a huge problem of the modern society, it leads to many horrible health problems, and it increases chances of getting diabetes. If you want to reduce your weight and decrease the chances of suffering from diabetes, stroke, and heart attack – stand up paddle boarding will help you out.

6. Great Surfing Alternative

If you have wondered how it feels to be a surfer, but you never had the courage to try it out – the next best thing is stand-up paddle boarding. Maybe the fear isn’t the reason why you don’t surf. Perhaps your health problems are preventing you to enjoy surfing, but you can always grab a SUP and hit the waves.

Lots of people claim that stand-up paddle boarding is not only a good alternative to surfing, but that it is a better alternative. We agree with them, and we know that you will too.

7. Stress Reduction

We don’t like to believe it, but stress is one of the biggest killers. Not only does stress make you feel helpless, vulnerable, and angry, it can also lead to serious health complications.
If you are suffering from increased stress, you will be glad to know that water can soothe your body and your mind.

The sensation of walking on water is an experience that nothing else can replace, it melts your stress away and makes you feel like you can accomplish anything. Don’t trust us? Recent research┬áhas proven that rivers, lakes, and seas have a positive impact on your well-being.

8. Good Physical Therapy

Stand up paddle boarding is awesome because it can be practiced by competitive sportsmen, as well as the people who have suffered from an injury. Research has shown us that stand up paddle boarding can be very effective in injury rehabilitation.

9. Zen

This fun sport provides you with the same feeling of mindfulness as in Zen meditation. Stand up paddle boarding requires you to be absorbed in the experience. It requires you to be fully aware of every muscle in your body. It is very similar to Zen meditation, which has been proven to provide plenty of health benefits ranging from improved memory to increased empathy and greater creativity.

Lots of boarders seem as if they are “connected” with the earth. They seem to be more spiritual, lively, fun, and creative, and they thank their love for the sport for the Zen-like benefits.

The Conclusion

There you have it, a list of 9 health benefits you could experience if you were to start practicing stand-up paddle boarding. Now you know that this sport is not only fun, but also relaxing, and very beneficial to your overall health.

If you haven’t been sold on the fun aspects of this amazing sport, we hope that the health benefits will make you consider taking it up. Remember to relax and have fun, stay safe, and the benefits to your health will come soon enough.


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